Notice: This site was created circa 2008 and stores my old personal projects. Most of them are really outdated and are kept here for educational purposes only. For more updated information, check my github or linkedin pages.



Do you suck at billiard? How about using computer-vision to improve your shots?


An open-source Arduino IDE focused on experienced programmers, but that beginners can also use.

WiFi Garden

A system to help with my gardening tasks: It monitors soil moisture, sun light and other data, put them online, generates reports and emits alerts via email when any human action is necessary

Mallandro lib

An Arduino library that plays the famous catch-phrases of this Brazilian TV celebrity. Used on our hackerspace bell door


A totally fake hollywood-style bomb, used for speakers controlling time during our lightning talks


A cheap, open-source and collaborative device for light-painting photography


How about using your oscilloscope to displays hand-drawn images? Check this open-source software that helps you to convert an vector image into a sound wave that reproduces the original image on an oscilloscope screen

Automatically calibrating a projector image

Every wanted to have a video projector that automatically detects where the projection screen is located? Do you want to join multiple projections to create a bigger image? Want to have a moving screen being followed by the video projector? Check this circuit!


My implementation of Drawdio, a simple audio synth that gererate sound with your drawings on a paper.

The original project was created by Jay Silver.

Computer screen graffiti

How about showing the world your creativity without risking some jail nights? Get your    infra-red spray can and express your self using your monitor as a virtual alley-wall


My first Android game: Control a sperm at the first race of its life, and avoid dying even before you're born!