Despite being called "desktop models", computer cabinets nowadays are usually so big that they need to be placed under the desk. This is good to get a clean workspace, but bad for your back: It's a pain in the ass whenever you need to turn it on or off.

There's a simple hack that solves this problem: You can attach a push-button tn your desk, connected to your computer, to remotelly turn it on/off


In order to get this thing on your rig, you just need 3 components:

  • A push-button
  • A piece of wire (2 vias) long enough to reach the computer
  • A connector to your mother-board.

Don't worry about the connector. You can use the same one that it's already installed inside your computer.

You just need to look at your mother-board and find the set of power connectors. They are usually the ones with a bunch of wires heading to the cabinet front-panel. Maybe you need to check the manual of your mother-board, but they are usually easy to spot

Check that, among all these connectors, there are a pair called "POWER ON" or something related. Whenever they are short-circuited, your computer executes a power-up (If it's turned off) or power-down (If it is on).

So, you just need to cut the wire on this connector and connect it to your remote push-button.

And now you don't need to leave your computer on just because you have to squeeze yourelf under the desk to power it down!