These are my pics from Maker Faire 2013. I also made a video. See it at the end of this post

Maker Faire is an hacker/maker event created by Make Magazine. It's announced as "The Greatest Show (And Tell) on Earth". And it's exactly this: A big science faire, where makers and hackers all around the world (But mostly from USA) can attend and bring their projects. Of course, it also brings a lot of vendors and sponsors to pay the costs.

This event took place at the New York Hall of Fame, a place that worths a visit even if the fair wasn't happening there. It's a great science museum, with lot of interesting exhibitions. The faire spread for all the museum area, including the large park around it.


All the nerdy stuff!

A robot that makes cofee. Didn't tried it, but seems nice!

This guy makes unusual instruments, made out of regular objects. One of them was golf club turned into an electric guittar.

Robots playing soccer

Kids attending to an robot workshop

Sponsors tent. Lot of things to spend money


A robot with vision capabilities. He's staring the Garoa logo at my shirt

3D printers. Lots of them. Almost every desktop printer vender was present

Objects printed with multi-material 3D printers


The SniffBot. I don't know what he does :)


The Orbital RenderSphere, an POV project from hackerspace MakerBar (NJ). Great project. Unfortulatelly, the camera didn't capture all it's beauty due to the sun light.


These guys (Very young, by the way) have a group to hack calculators. The install Doom, internet, networking games, etc.


I believe this is the American version of the Brazilian Tony da Gatorra

A DIY-Cart race. On of the cars was a dragon!

Robots boxing


The world-famous IronMan from Maine

More cool stuff, inside the museum building


A modular RGB lamp


I don't know what this does, but is a really cool lighting project


Leds panel


A toy version of the Schrodinger's cat.

Lots of leds