Yeah, the title is right: This is not silk-screen FOR dummies, it's silk-screen made by this dummy guy :)

This is the result of my last experiences: Two shirts depicting the logos of 6 Brazilian hackerspaces:

By the way, the most usefull tutorial I found is not exactly a tutorial. It's a Jimmy DiResta's video. Check also his channel. This guy have a lot of cool videos making stuff.


This is my first stencil. Notice that it's kinda skewed. After that one, I've learnt to add some marks on the image editor, to help keeping positioning the image on the silk


I also made this light-table. This isn't really necessary if you have access to a good lamp (Check DiResta's video for an example). As all lamps at my house are relativelly weak, I couldn't get good results until I made this. It's really simple: Just a box made out of wood, with 4 20W lamps at the bottom, and glass at the top. A tip: The glass MUST be really clean, or your stencil will end up with a lot of blobs.

My first experience with silk didn't end well, so I looked on the Internet for some tutorials and tips, and then get better and better results. But I noticed that most tutorials were written from very experienced people, and they always forgot to mention some details that messed up my work. So I planning to add my own tips here, in the future, based on what I've learnt by ruining my first silks :)