Last week I was in New York and had a few minutes to visit one of the worlds most famous hackerspaces: NYC Resistor.

NYC Resistor is, among other things, the birthplace of MakerBot 3D printers. Among the space founders are Bre Pettis and Zack Smith, founders of MakerBot Industries. They have a large and nice place in an old industrial building in downtown Brookly, NY.Visiting it was an amazing experience, even considering I just had 15 minutes (Left the wife in a nearby mall and had to get back to her as soon as possible).

I pressed the intercom button and was welcomed by an uncanny, but funny laugh. A few more button presses and the laugh turned into meaning full sentences, asking me who I was. After identifying myself, the door was open and the laughing guy appeared to received me. It was a really funny and extrovert member of the HS board. Unfortunally, I don't remember his name.

He took me to the an old cargo elevator (Another great item for an hackerspace) to the 3rd floor, where the hackerspace is located. The space is really cool, with lots of projects spread around the walls, ceiling, floor.

They have several rooms filled with tools, workbenches and material. It's kind a mess, but the do have a lot of space to work. It's really a hacker paradise!

At the end of my visit, my hacker passport was stamped by the same guy funny guy. I had to go trough the formalities of an solemn ceremony, where the objectives of my visit to NYC Resistor were asked in the same cartoony voice.

Check these pictures:


They even have a fully-working Asteroids arcade! I left my high-score there


Tons of equipments, tools and materials to work


3D printers (Or their remains) everywhere!

A small shop at the end of the space


Every hackerspace should get one of these





Robots aren't allowed to use the bathroom


Event a vending-machine!