Help the development of MariaMole

Hello, Arduino programmers!

Thanks a lot for the comments, suggestions, complaints and bug reports you've sent me about MariaMole. Thanks to your messages the version 0.4 is already available and very stable. For many people, MariaMole is already the first option when they start a new Arduino project. Nothing could make me happier. I started it trying to create the IDE I wanted to use, and now I see a lot of positive comments from people all around the world, telling me they don't want to go back to the original Arduino anymore. That's really great!

So, if you're one of those happy MariaMole users and you want to help to improve this tool, you can. See what you can do:

1) The easiest way: Provide test data
Creating an IDE for microcontroller software development is kinda tricky... There always some hardware issues, some bad wiring, some board/microcontroller particularities, and several other little problems that occur only at your computer, but I can't reproduce. That's not your fault: I have my own set of strange software behavior, too :)

So, on good way to help the improvement of MariaMole is to send me a report of any bug or problem you experience. Or, if you have a suggestion or critic, that's helpfull too!

So, use the contact button at the top of this page to send me this data!


2) Donate money
I've been using my spare time for MariaMole development. If you want to show your appreciation and donate some money, you can send it via my paypal account:



3) Donate any spare board/hardware you have:
Sometimes it's really hard to add support for a new board without having it to test. If you have a spare board, specially a non-officialy supported Arduino board, it would be a great help if you could donate it.

And, for an even better use of these boards, I won't keep them! You can donate the boards directly to one of the these two Brazilian hackerspaces: Garoa or Freelab. Then, not only I'll be able to use the boards in MariaMole improvement, as they will also be available for all Arduino/hacking workshops we provide free of charge.

If you don't live in Brazil and/or you do not have an spare board, you can send us a brand new board directly from ebay :)

The hackerspaces postal addresses are detailed at their websites.


4) Help with the code
A lot of people is waiting for the multi-platform version of MariaMole. If you have experience in programming for Linux and MacOS, you could help us to get these versions in a shorter time!

So, send me a message if you can help this way!