Home-made arcade machine

This is my home-made arcade machine:


I used to have this full-size retro arcade that I've also done, but that thing was a huge monster at my tiny apartment. This new guy is small, and has been a huge success when people come to my place. I usually just leave it connected to the TV, when I'm expecting to receive some guests.

The project is really simple:

  • A wooden box. There are a lot of plans on Instructables. I've adapted this one, and used only a piece of plywood I had laying around
  • Controls: You can get joysticks and buttons for real arcades at ebay
  • Controls circuit: Some years ago that was hard: We had to adapt old keyboard circuits, and that was a mess of soldering and hot glue. Nowadays, you can easily get some cheap USB joysticks (~ USD 5 each) and disassemble them. The ones I've used even had test-points on the circuit that make easier to sold my wiring
  • And old PC board
  • Mame, stella and linux or an old Windows license
  • A good front-end for your emulators. I like mGalaxy

So here is my arcade making its debut at Sabugosa hackerspace: