Meet Junior - The most fun you can have with a single finger!



Great news: Now you can play Junior on any computer, right on your web browser. You don't even need to download or install the game.
Just follow this link to play Junior via Web


Junior is a FREE and funny Android game, with very simple rules. Actually, its so simple that you play with a single finger, and you don't even need to move it! It can be simpler! 

Chose your best finger and command our hero, Junior, on his journey accross the Fallopian tubes, searching for the egg. Humm. Didn't I mentioned that Junior is a spermatozoon? Oh, yes. You should have figured out from his photo up there!

But the Fallopians kingdom isn't the safest place in the world, despite the doctors speech. It's a unpleasant environment, and several - Actually, millions - of Junior's brothers have fallen down. Our main obstacle is the perverse mucus, always trying to stop Junior. If he get stuck in the mucus, he will probably die there... Sad... 

Fortunately, Junior is not a regular sperm! Besides being remarkably charming, he can also collect the Fallopian stars to, ahn... Make more points! Didn't your biology teacher told you about the Fallopian stars? Man... Your dad should have a serios talk with this guy! Try to collect the most stars you can. Each one does nothing, besides giving you some points. After all, it's just a silly game! 

Remember: The gravity always tries to bring Junior down. Tap the screen with your finger, and you pull Junior up. By skillfully controlling when to touch the screen and when to release it, you controll Junior floatation accross the tubes. Try to always go longer, without touching the tube walls or the mucus!

And if you're a competitive person, Junior allows you to publish your achievements on our world-wide Hall Of Fame. See it here, at the right of this page, our best sperm handlers' names. We defy you to put your mark there!

Junior Hall of Fame is integrated with Facebook, so you can keep annoying all your friends by publishing your score within your timeline, like with any other Facebook app!


 So, get Junior on Android Market right now. It's the perfect amusement for those quick bathroom stops!


Click here to check Junior at Android Market


 Check this out: Junior Special Editions. Also free, and coming soon!

The two most dangerous things in life, combined: Sex and zombies! Search the egg in double-survival-mode! 


Now the mucus have to survive you...



Do you think Angry Birds is the only game trying to extend its life with holidays thematic editions? No! Junior also can travel the tubes while celebrating the top Brazilian popular parties!

(Also includes "Festa do Jiló de Piraporinha do Norte", "Festival do Agrião de Mumunha", "Festa da Muriçoca de Itajubá" and several others!")


Junior Multiplayer (MMO)

Get your friends to recreate the reproduction marathon! Junior MMO was registered as the world's smallest MMO world ever. But these few centimeters running hide a lot of emotion and dangers!


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