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Automated code, or not?

With MariaMole, you can select if you want to create all your code, with C/C++, like most other IDEs out there.

Or you can still use the code pre-processor, like the original Arduino IDE, to automate some parts of the code for you

Work with multiple projects and serial ports at the same time

MariaMole provides a workspace, where you can work with several projects at the same time.

Each project has its own configurations, and can be uploaded to a different board.

You can even work with several serial port monitors at the same time.

Code wizards

MariaMole makes it easier to:

  • Import existing Arduino sketches
  • Import Arduino libraries
  • Create new projects from examples
  • Add/remove files

The building process is configurable

MariaMole handles all the the steps to compile, link and upload your programs to your Arduino boards.

But, sometimes you want to fine-tune the compiler/link options, or add or replace binary libraries. You can do that using the project properties wizard

Multi-platform, fully compatible with Arduino

MariaMole works on Windows, Linux and OS X. And the files generated on MariaMole can be used on any of those systems. 

You can also import and exports your projects to Arduino sketches. You'll  still be able to collaborate with projects that are not yet using MariaMole.

Avoid eye-sore

MariaMole comes with a default dark/low-contrast color.

But, if you don't like it, you can select another theme. You can even design your own theme!


Make a donation:

If you want to show your appreciation to MariaMole, you can donate via my PayPal account, or check other forms to help improving MariaMole here

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