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Hello, Arduino programmers!

Thanks a lot for the comments, suggestions, complaints and bug reports you've sent me about MariaMole. Thanks to your messages the version 0.4 is already available and very stable. For many people, MariaMole is already the first option when they start a new Arduino project. Nothing could make me happier. I started it trying to create the IDE I wanted to use, and now I see a lot of positive comments from people all around the world, telling me they don't want to go back to the original Arduino anymore. That's really great!

MariaMole Tutorial

MariaMole is an OpenSource IDE for Arduino. Like the original Arduino environment, MariaMole makes easy for users to create Arduino software. But, while the Arduino IDE is focused on making things the easiest possible for beginners, MariaMole brings some features that experienced users are used to find on professional IDEs. You can see more about it on its oficial webpage


This tutorial will help you with your first steps on MariaMole environment. Let's go.


Download MariaMole

You can download MariaMole at this page.

But, before downloading, how about considering a donation to help with MariaMole development?

Please support the volunteers that work hard to get us better and better open-source tools! :)

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Computer screen graffiti

You may have noticed that digital cameras, including webcams, can detect infrared lights. If you point an TV remote controller to a recording camera, you can see a white spot of light coming from the remote.

My idea was to use this light to control the cursor on a computer screen, enabling me to draw on screen using the remote controller.

Meet Junior - The most fun you can have with a single finger!



Great news: Now you can play Junior on any computer, right on your web browser. You don't even need to download or install the game.
Just follow this link to play Junior via Web


Junior is a FREE and funny Android game, with very simple rules. Actually, its so simple that you play with a single finger, and you don't even need to move it! It can be simpler! 


Drawdio is a simple but really cool electronic circuit designed by a guy called Jay silver.

It's an sound generator where the frequency is controlled by de resistence of any material you connect at it. Even yout body! It's a simple and fun machine to produce cool sounds.

Oscilloscope drawing for everyone

UPDATE: I made a new version of this software. Check the link at the bottom of this page

Have you ever seen someone making a drawing on an oscilloscope screen? Did you ever wanted to? Well, now you can. And, by "now", I'm not saying that you need to buy some hardware or mount some hacking device to create your drawing. "Now" is right now.

Let me introduce you to Rabiscoscopio: A simple and free software that convert your drawings into oscilloscope images.



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